Frequently Asked Questions

Can only shared flats sign up?

No, we are happy to consider any kind of residential accommodation e.g. families, couples, singles, etc.

Do we have to provide for any other costs besides the rent?

Generally, refugees should finance themselves.

Can “Refugees Welcome“ help us with providing for the rent?

We are happy to help you find a suitable way of raising the money for the rent. We cannot finance your rent ourselves, but we are glad to put you in touch with people who would like to support shared flats financially.


This is, first of all, up to you. For the refugee not to have to remain in another state of uncertainty and be able to plan ahead to a certain degree, we arrange placements only for a minimum period of one month or more.

Can we also sign up if we can only offer the living room to the refugee?

We think that the refugee should live under the same conditions as the rest of the flatmates. For this reason we will only accept accommodation which can offer the refugee his or her own room. Understanding that placing refugees into homes is about living together, we do not arrange placements in vacant apartments.

What happens if we don't get along?

In this case the same will happen as in any other shared flat: You try to find a solution together – if necessary we will help out. If this does not work, there is the possibility to dissolve the housing situation.

Does it make a difference whether the refugee has a residence permit for Greece?

If a refugee “legally” resides in Greece depends on whether he/ she has been granted asylum or a resident permit from the Greek state. However, we believe that the administrative situation does not determine the refugee’s personality and we want to encourage you to welcome all types of refugees.

How might things develop for the refugee?

This depends on many factors. The best scenario is that you decide to continue living together after the planned time and the flatmate begins to feel settled in Greece. It would also be great if the refugee could use new language skills to increase their options in accommodation and employment. Hopefully, sharing your home with a refugee will help broaden their prospects and welcome them to the country.

Does this project make money by putting refugees in touch with flats?

No, “Refugees Welcome“ is a non-profit organisation. However, you can support our work with a donation to the association JUST which supports this project. Our bank details are:
IBAN FR76 3000 3012 5100 0372 6648 919
We can provide a receipt for your donation.